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What is the membership website all about?

  • The membership website is a platform designed to provide online programs, resources, and support for individuals who have worked with Jane and want to continue their personal and professional development journey.


Any free resources I can access right now?

  • Absolutely! Currently the <Thinking Skill> and <Executive Round Table> is available for free.


What are the benefits of joining the membership?

By joining the membership, you gain access to a variety of exclusive benefits, including:

Online programs: A library of videos, PDFs, and assessments covering various topics to support your growth.

Private forum: A dedicated space where you can engage with Jane and fellow members, ask questions, share insights, and seek advice.

Extended tracking: The membership allows you to continue your progress beyond the initial High Impact Leadership program, enabling a more self-paced and ongoing learning experience.


What membership options are there, and what are the differences between them?

  • We offer three membership options:

  • Basic Membership ($250/month): Includes access to online programs, videos, PDFs, and assessments. However, it does not provide access to the private forum for direct interaction with other members or Jane.

  • Pro Membership ($350/month): Includes access to all online programs, videos, PDFs, assessments, as well as full access to the private forum. This option allows you to connect with other members and engage in discussions facilitated by Jane.

  • High Impact Leadership Program. This membership comes with the High Impact Leadership Program you experienced with Jane. Through this program, you may access the private forum, the eBook Collections, and the Personal Paradox Journal. It does not include access to the other online programs.


Are there any prerequisites to joining the membership?

The membership website is primarily designed for individuals who have previously worked with Jane and completed the initial 6-week program. It is recommended that you have a foundational understanding of Jane's coaching methodology and concepts before joining the membership. If you haven't worked with Jane before, we recommend exploring other introductory programs or reaching out to our team for personalized guidance.


How to use the Forum properly?

  • When you joined the program, a private forum should have been created for you under the "Forum" section in the Member area.

  • This private forum can only be accessed by you and Jane.

  • Whenever a new post is created in the forum, you will receive a notification through email, allowing you to stay updated with the latest discussions and activities.


How long can I access the online programs?

  • Once you become a member, you have unlimited access to the online programs for as long as you maintain an active membership. You can revisit the materials and continue your learning journey at your convenience.


Can I cancel my membership at any time?

  • Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel your membership at any time. Simply reach out to Jane or make the necessary changes in your account settings. Please note that no refunds are provided for partial months, and access to the membership benefits will cease at the end of the billing period.


Are there any additional benefits or features exclusive to the membership?

  • In addition to the online programs and private forum, members at all levels enjoy exclusive benefits such as access to additional resources, periodic updates and bonus content, and opportunities for special events and workshops. These exclusive features are designed to provide ongoing value and support to members on their leadership journey.

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