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Leadership Presence:  What is it really?

Self-Awareness.  Emotional Intelligence.  Mindful Leadership.

Jane speaks on leadership presence for managers, engineers, program coordinators, and staff.  Presence builds better team collaboration, and fosters excellent cultures.  The notion of present moment awareness is a popular topic today, yet most people still find the concept and mechanics of presence a personal mystery that alludes them, especially during moments of pressure and/or conflict. Reading about it or just meditating is not enough to grasp this knowledge and skill that requires many years of practice and intention to not just know what it is, but be able to implement it everyday – especially under pressure.  Whether a small group of 6 or a large group over 200, Jane can bring the concept home to an audience who is hungry to know more about the cornerstones of presence:  self-awareness, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and the paradoxical core.  Jane wrote The Power of Personal Presence (non-business version no longer available) when the concept and terms were completely unknown.  One cannot study this leadership tenet too much or too many times.  It’s the key to relationship connection, successful collaboration, conflict resolution and more joy at work.  Hire Jane to come to your company and bring it to your people.



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