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About the Programs

Through one-on-one coaching, small group experiences, and High Impact leadership development programs, I help my clients grow their potential, manage stressors, and increase team cohesion by applying my proven frameworks delivered within a format customized to your leadership team as individuals, and specific to your unique culture.

Individuals walk away from our sessions with greater confidence, deepened self-awareness, and more collaborative skills. Managers and executives leave with tools to facilitate effective conflict resolution and navigate difficult conversations with ease, as well as increased leadership presence and personal accountability. Teams report greater cohesiveness, increased organizational alignment, and developed norms and communication standards.

  • Whether you’re a leader who finds yourself stuck without a solution, struggling with a lack of team cohesion or emerging negative team norms,

  • Or an executive preparing for a major shift in your workforce, as Baby Boomers retire and millennials and G-Xers move up to management positions that require greater influence, communication and accountability skills,

  • Or a leader ready to invest in your really good team to maximize their talents and skills and make them great,

  • Our High Impact Management programs deliver a proven experience with immediately realized workplace improvements, potent leadership development, and increased personal and organizational awareness.



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