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One on One High Impact Coaching

Much research has now proven the high ROI in coaching for individual leaders and managers.  Your high value people are top assets. Jane has a track record for coaching that shows high value employees are retained many years longer.

If you want to keep your people, and help them bring their best selves to work everyday, regardless the pressure, the programs, the problems they face, hire Jane as an external coach who can maintain clear objectivity.

Leaders today realize often-times outsourcing the tougher conversations works better than internal discussions.

Engineering managers and HR professionals simply do not have exceptional tools or skills to present constructive feedback that sticks. If skilled, they do not have the trust and rapport needed to reach into the individual. 



Igniting change requires psychological expertise – more than coaching and more than managing.


Jane’s work psychology coaching method is second to none when it comes to setting the stage for coachee to learn, grow, build out their talents.


One to One Coaching:

  • Leadership Development

  • Executive Presence

  • Rising Star Managers

  • Accelerating Engineers

  • High Value Individual Contributors

  • Performance ( Platform, Field or Ice)

  • Accelerate Role Clarity 

  • Self - Awareness & Empowerment

  • Clear Thinking

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mindfulness

  • Confidence


Reboot.  Recover.  Renew.  Re-engage.


Learn how to recharge deeply and often.


"Jane is the secret weapon to my success as a professional athlete the last three years. Mental resiliency and sport psychology are often overlooked and underdeveloped in the sporting world but are the key's to unlocking the next level in performance. I am so glad that I found Jane. She has taken my game to the next level by arming me with a greater sense of self awareness which gives me the ability to understand my mental state, how to get into flow state and also what triggers me to fall out of flow state or lose confidence. It is often said that confidence is the greatest skill an athlete can have and while that may be true it is hard to develop and even harder to maintain. Jane not only taught me how to develop confidence in my abilities but she also gave me the tools and continually gives me guidance on how to deal with adversity based on my triggers. I cannot begin to explain how highly I regard Jane as a mental performance coach. I am not fond of superlatives but Jane genuinely has helped me see the world through new eyes. I would not be the athlete that I am today without her guidance."

Melanie Jue

Professional Hockey Player at Kunlun Red Stars

Performance Psychology for Athletes


On and off the field/ice, athletes go deep into understanding the mechanics of their personal core where there inspiration and grit emanate, and when/where/how and why their mind expands or limits their play. 


Presence is zone state in action at it’s best with greater abilities to influence and drive the game.

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Online Coaching

High impact coaching is available in online delivery.  Though we can all attest that the atmosphere and high touch climate of in-person coaching is amazingly engaging and insightful, one cannot argue the convenience and efficiency of online coaching programs with a good coach.

My self development and coaching approach for leaders and athletes is also deliverable in online format with much ease of connection and powerful insight.   We hone in on the most core information that is your lever to success in decision making, mindful leadership, excellent communication and clear-headed thinking.  Good news!  Our proven-effective approach to human potential performance works great in online engagement as well.


Get online and let’s talk about your goals and how we can partner to meet your needs beyond your expectations!

Onlne Coaching


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