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Hight Impact Consulting

IMI Organizational  consulting support is  a byproduct of good coaching with even one single leader in an company. 

Though a large corporation rolls out initiatives over years and may provide coaching support to key leaders chartering the course, small to medium size organizations may initiate new directions or accelerate latent ideas previously thought about as a result of specific insights gleaned during their personal leadership development coaching program. 

Feedback for a leader reaches back in history to gain understanding of place, power and position in an organization, yet the most potent information is forward-looking input, or feedforward, that points the way out of a fix, and builds confidence to implement management solution with fresh fervor.


A leader may know what or why, yet lack clarity of how, when, and with whom they need to strengthen the teamwork and smooth the path for their teams to follow.  Once lightbulbs turn on,  the road ahead is easier to see.  Today a leader may even be paving the very road they’re driving on every day.  It’s work.

Your team  has likely seen it coming, maybe even for a long time.  But, implementation of strategy and pro-active effort requires levels of certainty that many leaders in this VUCA world do not have or have not had time to grasp.

What once was fuzzy is now clear. 

IMI consulting, as a byproduct of effective coaching anchors the vision, mission, purpose and values of company culture.  We aim to move the organization toward greater health and productivity…one leader, one team, one department at time.


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