High Impact Leadership Coaching with Jane Hundley, M.A.
Online coaching per video conference also available for most programs

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I help leaders, managers, and directors of organizations maximize their leadership teams and workforce by the development of self-awareness, team collaboration, and mindful work and life skills. We help leaders gain skills in managing their leadership impact and the quality of individual, team and organizational engagement in their company culture.  I also help professionals in career changes and transitions who experience people-related issues in complex home and business environments.

Online coaching per video conference also available for most programs!

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A Life Changer

Jane is a career changer and a life changer. Self-awareness is a critical work skill, and Jane's approach to partnering with her clients leads to deeper understanding of one's own strengths, and of the situations in which one is most challenged. Through her guidance, her clients are able to control their emotional reactions and to become more present in personal relationships and in in critical decision-making moments that make or break their companies. I originally hired Jane to work with my team at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory on the recommendation of one of the senior leaders there. Over many years, she worked with several dozen emerging leaders, helping them to develop both professionally and as adult human beings. I saw remarkable shifts in the way these people thought about their roles, their difficulties, and their strengths, and as a result, their personal ownership of the work they did. I've been thanked many times since for sponsoring their work with Jane. People have been able to take charge of themselves and to escape the trap of being a victim to circumstances they previously felt were beyond their control. More importantly, I had the opportunity to work with Jane personally. It was some of the most personally challenging work I've ever done, and it's hard to articulate the impact she had on me, my understanding of what motivates me, what holds me back, and the decisions I have made about my life and my career since. Her style is caring and guiding, while remaining in the crucial role of a coach... She is someone who helped me see myself more clearly to my own benefit, without risk or pressure. Work with her if you dare. You won't regret it. Geoff Deane, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer


Geoff Deane

Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Technology Leader






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