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Strongly Recommended

Jane's teachings were pivotal in my transition from traditional Project Management to impactful Executive Director of Engineering. Her program is the gift that keeps on giving, as I constantly revisit the foundational framework she provides. The content is rich and her style is an effective balance of genuine and intense, making even the most raw moment of vulnerability palatable and meaningful. I'd strongly recommend her and her programs to accelerate the performance of teams.


Kristina Korosi
Director of Engineering

Life Changer!


Geoff Deane
Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Technology Leader

Jane is a career changer and a life changer. Self-awareness is a critical work skill, and Jane's approach to partnering with her clients leads to deeper understanding of one's own strengths, and of the situations in which one is most challenged. Through her guidance, her clients are able to control their emotional reactions and to become more present in personal relationships and in in critical decision-making moments that make or break their companies. I originally hired Jane to work with my team at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory on the recommendation of one of the senior leaders there. Over many years, she worked with several dozen emerging leaders, helping them to develop both professionally and as adult human beings. I saw remarkable shifts in the way these people thought about their roles, their difficulties, and their strengths, and as a result, their personal ownership of the work they did. I've been thanked many times since for sponsoring their work with Jane. People have been able to take charge of themselves and to escape the trap of being a victim to circumstances they previously felt were beyond their control. More importantly, I had the opportunity to work with Jane personally. It was some of the most personally challenging work I've ever done, and it's hard to articulate the impact she had on me, my understanding of what motivates me, what holds me back, and the decisions I have made about my life and my career since. Her style is caring and guiding, while remaining in the crucial role of a coach... She is someone who helped me see myself more clearly to my own benefit, without risk or pressure. Work with her if you dare. You won't regret it. Geoff Deane, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer

Understanding the "Why"

Jane Hundley’s High Impact Leadership Program offers a unique and intimate method of helping leaders to increase self-awareness and to gain a level of understanding the “why” behind “what” makes them tick. In this business climate and competitive talent market, answering the question of why we react as we do, how that manifests inside and outside of ourselves, and to ultimately understand our impact as cultural leaders in our companies is crucial. I don’t know a single leader that would not benefit from the knowledge gained via Jane's approach; as even the best leaders can become better through this more intimate level of self-discovery.


Iliki Conner
Director, Human Resources at Astronics AES 

A Journey of Self-Discovery

I selected Jane to be my leadership coach at a critical late career time. She took me on a journey of self discovery that has left a positive impact on my life. Jane’s extraordinary skills open up learning and awareness that we all need to grow and be successful. I would recommend Jane for both C-suite leaders as a personal coach and senior group training as they learn how to perform as a team. I will not hesitate to use Jane for executive team building in the future. Luke Durudogan Group Executive Vice President Meggitt Plc.


Haluk Durudogan
Group Executive Vice President, Aerospace

My Secret Weapon

"Jane is the secret weapon to my success as a professional athlete the last three years. Mental resiliency and sport psychology are often overlooked and underdeveloped in the sporting world but are the key's to unlocking the next level in performance. I am so glad that I found Jane. She has taken my game to the next level by arming me with a greater sense of self awareness which gives me the ability to understand my mental state, how to get into flow state and also what triggers me to fall out of flow state or lose confidence. It is often said that confidence is the greatest skill an athlete can have and while that may be true it is hard to develop and even harder to maintain. Jane not only taught me how to develop confidence in my abilities but she also gave me the tools and continually gives me guidance on how to deal with adversity based on my triggers. I cannot begin to explain how highly I regard Jane as a mental performance coach. I am not fond of superlatives but Jane genuinely has helped me see the world through new eyes. I would not be the athlete that I am today without her guidance."


Melanie Jue

Professional Hockey Player at Kunlun Red Stars

Getting to the Core

Jane came into my life at the perfect time. Helping me sort out what mattered, what didn't and what was standing in my way in terms of furthering my own development as a leader and as a person overall. It wasn't about fixing surface level stuff, but instead getting into the core of what is at play, better understanding those dynamics and then having greater awareness. Having greater awareness made it so much easier to be intentional about my path forward.


Dawn Beauparlant
Chief Client Officer + President of North America, WE Communications


Changed my Life

It’s no hyperbole to say that working with Jane changed my life. The biggest difference was in my personal presence. As a professional body awareness expert working with a variety of clients to improve posture restoration, injury recovery, I am keenly aware of positive physical effects.  As I work with the physical body, Jane works with mental states. This work had a profound effect on my sense of self.   After working with Jane in her high impact coaching program for even a short time, I became much more comfortable in my physical, mental and emotional space. Right away I embodied more body balance, sense of lightness, and even height. The tightness in my sternum, throat and jaw ceased and anxiety went away! I gained more self-confidence, and this helped me communicate more clearly and express myself more authentically. I trust myself and my work even more. I am less judgmental, more accepting of myself and others, and I sense my clients trust me even more too. I  am more productive. It is no exaggeration that this deep intensive coaching process with Jane really did change my life in all these positive ways.


Michael Okech
Co-founder Stretch Therapy & Weiss Wellness Practitioner in New York City

Knowing how you react to situations and developing some simple tools in communication makes you more effective. I have greatly improved in my ability to spot my triggers and stay in control. This program is very personalized and directed. Jane has a good handle on how to deliver messages that need to be heard. What I like most is this process is the simple way to break things down so they are more easily thought about and communicated. This has helped me more quickly assess a situation and frees up more attention, and gives more time for a positive response.

Screenshot 2020-02-10 19.55.51.png


V.P. of Engineering / Intellectual Ventures Lab

I sent 5 of my direct reports to the High Impact Leadership Program with Jane Hundley, and I have never seen anything like this kind of change over my whole career. Each one of my staff has come individually to my office and reported their issues with other departments, how they have addressed and resolved these issues in a positive manner, and I haven’t had to be involved. This training rates a 10 out of 10 in the impact it has made on my people related to their individualized rapid improvement in people relations, cooperation and productivity.

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Director of Operations / Astronics AES

As far as I’m concerned, this is the best coaching and training I’ve ever had.

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Senior Team Leader Engineer / Aerojet

I have been to approximately 100-200 seminars during my 26-year career. Only three (3) stand out as those which actually affected my management style and improved my skills significantly. Yours is one of them.

Screenshot 2020-02-10 19.56.21.png


Chief Executive Officer / Unit Process Company

What I learned about myself in this program I still use everyday after 8 years, and I now realize that the greatest problems I’ve had as a businessman have been linked to the core learnings I received in this program.

Screenshot 2020-02-10 19.56.32.png


Chief Executive Officer / Wizards of the Coast

Jane’s program facilitated an amazing personal discovery of my limiting thoughts and actions that will make me more successful personally and professionally. The overall learning experience was outstanding. This was of the best training courses I’ve ever taken. I would recommend Jane and her program to anyone.

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Operations / Astronics AES