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My Offering

As an organizational psychologist and leadership coach, my work may lean into the counseling arena – a place I am very familiar and have a lot of background. 

I coach people at any age (13-95!) whether they seek to improve their presence in the boardroom, sitting around the dinner table, on and off the sports field, in the gym, in classrooms, during social environments, at church groups, and anywhere they find time for themselves alone.  Sitting well with oneself privately is gift and learning to do this better is not a trivial pursuit.


I work with many areas of life including key extended family and/ or professional colleague relationships.   I see the family unit as the first team we all have that influences how we show up as a leader, how we feel, interact, and move through life stages.  Special attention is paid to important transitions such as job transitions, career advancement, marriage, divorce, graduation, entering college, joining a sports team, and going after high life and professional goals.  We work on creating victory in life.


Change always brings up stuff that we want and need to let go and leave behind.  We need to free up mental and emotional bandwidth to reach new goals, make giant leaps ahead, or take sure-footed but significant small steps toward our targets. It takes focused intention to show up as your best, most positive self and create the life you are destined to be and have!


I specialize also in areas of difficulty:  anger management, grieving losses, recovery, re-booting, renewal and re-engagement with a fresh sense of self-identity.  We build core strength in the inner self.  We identify strengths and weaknesses and learn how we meaningfully manage them better in our significant relationships and with different personalities.  We learn about boundaries, what inspires us to courage, grit, and inner strength.  We learn how to change unwanted habits and simply enjoy life more.  We work toward mastery how to love ourselves and others, be more fully present, aware, and radiant to everyone around us.   We build self- confidence, reduce anxiety and fears, boost self-esteem and build personal power from within.  We always greatly improve communication abilities---so we can be more authentic, engaging, free and alive.


My coachees also increase their intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence.  This may sound too good to be true, but it is true for over two decades now. This is known as eye-opening, inspiring and deeply encouraging.   It is never too late to invest in your own self-worth so you can contribute more of all you have to give to those you love and work with around you.

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