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Johnny Dark Had Presence

Most of my clients do not know that I was a child hunter/jumper equestrian.

Some of my experience with showing up in the ring with personal presence started quite young while riding horses, especially when I was contracted-to-ride a former national ranking PONY hunter-jumper champion named Johnny Dark.

Johnny Dark had presence.

When he went into the ring – he turned-on his presence. He just clicked into gear.

He just knew what to do and did it with a flair.

People and judges loved to watch him glide and perform with ease.

Johnny had been a champion for many years way before I started to ride him.

My job as a rider was very simple – get out of his way and let him do his thing.

This is similar to how managers need to think today.

Know the course your people need to follow and track them along their way, but get out of the way and let them perform their best skill. The most inspiring leaders sometimes just step back and let their employees shine. When people know their talents are recognized and appreciated, they are more productive, happier, and preform like rock stars. Everyone wants to do their best!

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