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People Hacks That Make Others Feel Thankful For You

Pass the gratitude, please! Be thankful at work.

Sometimes we wonder how we are perceived, if we are valued and appreciated. It is nice to not make anyone wonder about how you feel. Here are some reminders to create a climate of thankfulness with others.

Reminders on how to make others thankful for you and your work.

Stop Speculating and Judging Most likely you don’t realize how much you are even doing it. We are often not mindful of it and its influence. It’s amazing how many really good intended people are just plain judgmental and critical — often, and sometimes constantly. Maybe that’s one reason they get a lot done because their continual displeasure or slight judgment means…things are not quite good enough, this CAN be better. That may be true, and it usually is.

Be thankful at work for those around you Assume the noblest motives. It is important to assume higher motive and innocence of intent as much as possible. Understanding the basic selfish nature of man can guide you to work to provide for others needs. Assume positive spirit of intent, then inquire and be curious.

Reach out and connect Make an effort to reach out and connect with loved ones, close friends, family, and acquaintances and customers. Be friendly.

Support, engage, and mentor As you give of some of your talents and wisdom you’ll build relations of support and interest in career advancement.

Provide a safe space for others to be themselves If people feel they have to adjust their personality so much around you for you to be comfortable, then the climate will be strained. Try to sense others safe as themselves around you.

Forgive transgressions- real or perceived This is a difficult practice for most people, even those religiously trained in methods. Studies show forgiveness is a component of acceptance and contributes to happiness.

Feel true empathy It’s not just a trendy word. Consider the feelings of others more.

Hold others as able When thinking about your boss, colleagues and team members, hold them as ‘able’ in your mind’s eye, so you see them as growing their potential.

Leadership Practice #2

Be intentionally thankful at work as often as possible. It makes a big difference to yourself and others when you express gratefulness. Trouble is there is usually trouble to worry about. However, studies show that routinely keeping in mind what you are grateful for is a strong leadership practice that is inspiring.

Make a list of what you are grateful for and reflect on those more often.

Have you expressed gratitude to a coworker or direct report on your team recently? When was the last time?Have your thanked someone around you today?

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