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Are You Teachable?

Learning can be a shared experience, and that is what works best in an organization.  However, people

can be funny and very individualized about learning. A kind of resistance can arise when it appears one person is trying to be ‘the teacher’ when others are not even interested in learning, maybe not about that topic at all, or maybe it’s just a resistance to that particular person.  It could be the ranking of the relationship or a difference in personality styles, or a person may just be frustrated, stressed under pressure, and having a hard time focusing during the more confusing phases of learning.

If you have any resistance to the feeling of vulnerability we can feel while learning, then try out the following stance, which is better than nothing,

“I didn’t learn anything from you, but I learned everything with you.”

That said, today’s teams do best when they learn not only with each other, but also from each other, and are able to acknowledge that fact with an appropriate humility.

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