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Movement & Breath Exercises for Personal Presence®

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"Movement & Breath Exercises for Personal Presence" is a transformative video program that combines simple yet potent body senses with a calm mind to nurture inner peace, dynamic relaxation, and enhance flexibility, grace, balance, and body alignment. Suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, this stress-reducing, non-impact program offers a fulfilling, sensual, and empowering exercise journey. The course consists of 11 chapters, starting with Physical Presence, which explores the significance of physical presence in executive leadership and strategies to harness your physicality to exude confidence and influence. The Alignment chapter focuses on the importance of proper alignment, while the Breathing chapter teaches mindful breathing techniques that can center your mind, release stress, and foster a sense of inner calm. The course also includes chapters on Head and Neck Alignment, Head Drop, Shoulder Roll 1 and 2, Chest and Torso, Hip Opening, Knee and Feet, and Spiral Up exercises. These chapters guide you through a variety of exercises to improve posture, release tension, enhance your connection to the ground, and cultivate a more vibrant and expressive physical presence. Embark on this comprehensive program to unleash your personal presence and discover the power of movement and breath exercises in transforming your physicality, fostering inner calm, and unlocking your full potential.

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2 Plans Available, From $250.00/month


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