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Jane Hundley

Project Manager

Leadership Psychologist, Executive Coach and Founder of the Personal Presence® Method



About Jane

Jane Hundley is a leadership psychologist, executive coach and founder of the Personal Presence® Method, a proprietary "life-changing" process for bolstering personal change and career enhancement.  For over 25 years, Jane has helped leaders maximize their organizations' effectiveness. Her background includes working with C-Suite executives, rising stars and high value employees in both one-on-one and group team leadership programs. Her work spans from top-down leaders, directors and high-value managers in companies of long-established product design and manufacturing as well as start-up teams bringing game-changing technologies to market.

She helps leadership teams acquire the personal leadership psychology and self-/other- awareness necessary to initiate change management,  learning and development initiatives, navigate mergers and acquisitions, as well as build positive learning cultures while under pressure with rapidly growing business demands.  One by one and with teams Jane helps clients improve culture, motivation and leader/team engagement.

Her work has been proven effective in multiple industries: tech, IT and web services, aerospace engineering, manufacturing, space, medical, science and technology sectors and gaming, financial/technical, insurance, and public relations, sales, design and services.

Jane has worked with the Fortune 500 companies including Amazon/AWS, Microsoft, General Dynamics, Meggitt, Oracle, Aerojet, and Samsung, and has years of experience with medium-sized companies including, Astronics, Blue Origin, Stripe, Intellectual Venture to name a few.  

Jane has served as President and master coach for Impact Management, Inc, since 1999.  She  is a thought leader and pioneer in coaching and training services to leadership and management teams in the US.

Jane helps people under pressure to perform better under high business demand. Her clients include professionals bridging complex business environments and personal life commitments. She is known as a "secret weapon" and personal leadership specialist who illuminates the collaborative space between people of every generation. She delivers profound high impact leadership breakthrough workshops and ongoing support over years of career transition and culture development in organizations.

Experience, Education, Certifications, Publications

Partial Client List

Representative Assignments

Impact Management, Inc (IMI) Proprietary Programs

Amazon/AWS, Microsoft, Samsung, Oracle, Astronics Corporation, WE Communications, Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems, New Horizons, Intellectual Ventures Lab, Global Good, Pacific Aerotech, Blue Origin, JEMCO, Jamco-America, General Dynamics, Primex Aerospace, Aerojet, Ballard Technology, Innovation Sport Science, Ecellix, Thomas Instruments, and Olympic Women’s Hockey Players in 2022 Winter Olympics.

For C-Level Engineering and Manufacturing

Global Leadership; Change Initiatives; Personal Presence

For C-Level Engineer, Design, and Program Management

Personal Leadership; Team Development; Management Training; Emotional Intelligence

For Rising Star Managers

Executive Presence, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Career Coaching


For Principal Scientist, Program and Product Managers

Personal Leadership; Team Development

For Principal Patent Developers and Scientists

Start-up Leadership Development, Co-Founder Performance Management

For VP Customer Accounts

Personal Leadership: Strategic Planning; Creativity; Disruptive Change


Culture Improvement; Presence; Emotional Intelligence; Self-Awareness; Performance

For Women in Tech, Microsoft Presentation and AWS Amazon Sales

Account Training in Executive Presence

High Impact Leadership Training and Coaching

"In-The-Moment Manager" Coaching

Personal Presence Factor® 

Executive Presence 

Finding Your Core and Advancing Your Career


Mindful Management Training

Bespoke Counseling for Life Coaching 

eCourse membership with supplemental videos and learning content

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Certifications / Assessments


B.S. Applied Behavioral Science LIOS — Bastyr University  

M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Leadership Psychology — Northcentral University Doctorate Program

Master Coach, Impact Management, Inc.


Impact Management Five-Tier Behavior Tendencies Assessment

DISC Personality Assessment, Trainer and Coach


Strong Interests Survey, Career Assessment


Spiritual Gifts Instrument


Myers Briggs/Thomas Kilman, Firo-B


Clear Leadership Trainer Certification

Author of The Power of Personal Presence® (1993). Currently working on a revised version with updated findings and client stories.


Author of 6 eBooks released in 2022:

5 Thinking Skills That Leaders Just Do Not Want to Lose Contact With — Ever!


Mind Rest:  4 Tactics to Silence Your Inner Critic


Understanding Polarities in the Workplace


Appreciative Inquiry: Organizational Psychology


Body Talk:  Understanding the Basics of Body Language in Communication


Are You Paying Attention to Your Attention?

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